Amazing Atmosphere

Studying the atmosphere is pretty cool all by itself. But with a southerly flow over the Alps shaping the clouds and the sun already below the horizon the atmosphere also rewards us with spectacular light displays as captured on 6 Nov 2018 from the top of Bruno-Sander-Haus at Innsbruck University facing west towards Roßkogel.

IAO-IOP2018-Summer Field Study Started

Innsbruck Atmospheric Observatory

Innsbruck Atmospheric Observatory (IAO) started the summer 2018 intensive observation period. The aims of the study include:

  • quantifing and characterizing urban summertime emissions of various trace gases
  • improving our understanding of the NO-NO2-O3 triad in an urban environment
  • relating flux ratios (NOx/CO2, CO/CO2) above the urban canopy to the respective enhancement ratios at street level

The Following instrumentation is operated at two ground sites: „IAO-IOP2018-Summer Field Study Started“ weiterlesen

IAO-IOP2018 Roadside Station

At Innrain 52 our roadside station for the IAO-IOP2018 summer study was set up and will go operational soon…

Special thanks to …

  • Vice-president for infrastructure, Prof Anke Bockreis, for approving the study site and DI Christoph Genser and Martin Krickl for their stong support
  • Rainer Diewald & Philipp Vettori for setting up the power lines
  • David Pinzger & Andreas Moll for providing access to electrical outlets in workshop