Welcome Michael!

Michael Stichaner joined APC group earlier this month. He did his BSc at ACINN and started his master’s studies last year. He is using data collected during the IAO IOP2018 studying atmospheric pollutants such as NO, NOx and CO near a busy road (Roadside Station Innrain) and their enhancement ratios (EnR) over CO2. One of the goals of his master thesis is to put those pollutants in context with EnR of emission inventories and those measured at the IAO tower.

Amazing Atmosphere

Studying the atmosphere is pretty cool all by itself. But with a southerly flow over the Alps shaping the clouds and the sun already below the horizon the atmosphere also rewards us with spectacular light displays as captured on 6 Nov 2018 from the top of Bruno-Sander-Haus at Innsbruck University facing west towards Roßkogel.

IAO-IOP2018-Summer Field Study Started

Innsbruck Atmospheric Observatory

Innsbruck Atmospheric Observatory (IAO) started the summer 2018 intensive observation period. The aims of the study include:

  • quantifing and characterizing urban summertime emissions of various trace gases
  • improving our understanding of the NO-NO2-O3 triad in an urban environment
  • relating flux ratios (NOx/CO2, CO/CO2) above the urban canopy to the respective enhancement ratios at street level

The Following instrumentation is operated at two ground sites: „IAO-IOP2018-Summer Field Study Started“ weiterlesen

IAO-IOP2018 Roadside Station

At Innrain 52 our roadside station for the IAO-IOP2018 summer study was set up and will go operational soon…

Special thanks to …

  • Vice-president for infrastructure, Prof Anke Bockreis, for approving the study site and DI Christoph Genser and Martin Krickl for their stong support
  • Rainer Diewald & Philipp Vettori for setting up the power lines
  • David Pinzger & Andreas Moll for providing access to electrical outlets in workshop