Air pollution in Vienna during 2020 lockdown

Analysis of air quaility data in Vienna (Brancher et al., 2021)  shows a reduction of NO2 by 20% during the hard Lockdown in 2020, but no significant changes in Ox.

Increased ozone pollution alongside reduced nitrogen dioxide concentrations during Vienna’s first COVID-19 lockdown: Significance for air quality management – ScienceDirect

In comparison data for Innsbruck (ACP – Decoupling of urban CO2 and air pollutant emission reductions during the European SARS-CoV-2 lockdown ( show a reduction of NO2 and NOx concentrations by 50%. Similarily we find no statistically significant change in Ox. 

Remote sensing data in Innsbruck confirm a comparably larger drop in NO2 column densities by approximately 50%. There seem to be important spatial variations. Overall these results hint at the possibility that NOx emissions in the Alpine Valley around Innsbruck (Inntal) are impacted more by traffic.